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A extremely derogatory term for someone who is very stupid.
Bill: Joe the earth is flat, and I chose to become a flat earther.
Joe: Nasa and SpaceX are streaming it from satellites right now on Youtube and it's round.
Bill:(without evidence)No those are computer generated images.

(Sidenote: Most Flat Earth believers think Nasa has workers who graphically design those Youtube videos from scratch, instead of taking raw footage from a satellite.
by BeatMeatRepeat June 22, 2018

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a word in which its meaning changes if you're not black
white guy: nigga no way
black guy: ay what you say

black guy: nigga no way
black guy: nigga you bet
by BeatMeatRepeat June 10, 2018

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a job that is taken usually by someone with at least 4 years of training, yet somehow when you say "i don't understand" they can't teach you. (look at teachers statistics of kids have A's not very many, I thought they had 5 years of training on the subject of TEACHING). You might say well the kids don't pay attention, well they would if it was interesting and had pictures.
by BeatMeatRepeat May 31, 2018

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The hate Trump receives when Democrats are being sore losers and want him impeached.
example: saying he doesn't respect women while he has many female employees.
-democrats saying the electoral college is broken when Trump gets in for 1 term
but not when Obama gets in by the same thing for 2 terms.

Arbitrary- to consider something from an opinion instead of facts.
Today on local news arbitrary trump hate is happening in an attempt to get him impeached after Comey admits about Clinton's emails.(which some of her emails contained USA uranium locations).
by BeatMeatRepeat May 04, 2018

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