The absolute best comeback to "hacker", some other description of your gameplay or when someone complains about something.
Player 1: How did you win by that much score?
Player 2: I'm just good.
Player 3: Hacks
Player 2: Cry about it
by epictimeofgamers May 11, 2021
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Cry about it are often used in the kpop fans community, we’re people are mad cuz bts have won and outsold their faves, so army’s are often there to comment ”Cry about it” cuz bts are the biggrst group ever to exist and no other kpop group will never come close to their success.
Bts won billboard again, there fukin army can’t vote for anyone else expect them.

“Cry about it then”
by Cry about it May 30, 2021
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When you see someone moaning about something or is angry or upset. You look at them or reply back saying "cry about it"
"God ive had a bad day" she said
"Cry about it" he said
by ReCoreDJ January 15, 2019
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Something someone says if they're a bitch pussy and have nothing better to say. Someone might say this to gain an imaginary upper leg in a conversation when in reality, it is just too stupid to be able to properly respond to.
by NanTheMemeMan August 21, 2021
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v., neg. imper.: To not make a big deal out of something; to not become such a little bitch as to cry, even whine, about an issue.
Wife: "Gosh, I hate it when you leave your socks all over the floor! You're so inconsiderate!

Husband: "Don't cry about it! I'll pick 'em up. DAMN!"
by The Grammarian February 15, 2006
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How your parents threaten you when you are small and vulnerable: stop crying or i'll spank you.

It is used only when the child is already crying, having a tantrum, in need of comfort like a hug or a large bandage. Usually the child is crying because the parent has yelled at him or her.

The parent becomes desperate, irritated, and embarrassed (if in public).

Apparently, the parent thinks that threatening a child with physical harm is the most efficient way of stopping it from crying.

It's further proof that parents are sadistic and retarded. Goes in the same category as "if you don't _____, you better" i.e., the category of Threatening Statements That Make No Sense.
Tommy: Waaa waaa it hurts, mommy, don't!
Brenda: If you don't stop crying I'll give you something to cry about!
Tommy: Waa--wait, what? *never forgets traumatic childhood*
by shamille September 21, 2008
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This is a term relating to the large emo populace on newgrounds. It is usually meant insultingly when someone is complaining about something.
- My girlfriend and I broke up.
- Go cry about it on Myspace.
by Peter Deer September 10, 2006
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