The absolute best comeback to "hacker", some other description of your gameplay or when someone complains about something.
Player 1: How did you win by that much score?
Player 2: I'm just good.
Player 3: Hacks
Player 2: Cry about it
by epictimeofgamers May 11, 2021
Typically used in the iRacing community, Cry about it is the best comeback to use when you do an absolutely outrageous move, cause a crash, and everyone gets mad.

Not only does this show how much of an absolute based human you are, but also shows the audience that they really shouldn't care, and just "Cry about it"
"Cry about it"
by DriveDead12 February 28, 2022
A bullshit phrase that generic white middle school boys use to try and nullify the argument. Most of the time the user if fatherless.
by Gg gamer July 31, 2022
Cry about it are often used in the kpop fans community, we’re people are mad cuz bts have won and outsold their faves, so army’s are often there to comment ”Cry about it” cuz bts are the biggrst group ever to exist and no other kpop group will never come close to their success.
Bts won billboard again, there fukin army can’t vote for anyone else expect them.

“Cry about it then”
by Cry about it May 30, 2021
When you see someone moaning about something or is angry or upset. You look at them or reply back saying "cry about it"
"God ive had a bad day" she said
"Cry about it" he said
by ReCoreDJ January 15, 2019
the word cry about it is commonly used as a remark to a person who will not stop complaining about anything and everything, and is commonly followed up with the remark skill issue, and if that is continued to be followed it is ussally get good. as in example someone named salisadoor is commonly known for needing to constantly cry about it or another example.
person one; bro it is so unfair at school they are constantly taking my phone.
person two; cry about it.
person one; but it isn't my fault i have my phone in my backpack.
person two; skill issue
by the word mister sixty nine October 18, 2022
Something someone says if they're a bitch pussy and have nothing better to say. Someone might say this to gain an imaginary upper leg in a conversation when in reality, it is just too stupid to be able to properly respond to.
by NanTheMemeMan August 22, 2021