any form of cider.
1)what were you drinking last night?
2)ahh cider
1) oo on the lunatic soup then.
by the yurrrr merchant December 31, 2010
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st lunatics are a rap group made up of derty nelly, murphy lee the school boy, city spud whos behind bars , ali aka big lee, slo down, kyjuan,. they are the best motherfucking rap group around they come from the lou aka st louis. they all released solo albums so check them out. country grammar is the best album so far, though.
the st lunatics rock
by sexy November 10, 2004
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A truly insane people that scares young children.
Chandler Forbes is a raging lunatic, he swag is a straigh jacket. lunatic
by Lulu bear! July 24, 2011
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Rap group consisting of Nelly, Murphy Lee, Ali, Slo Down, and at one time City Studd but that was before Country Grammer, he is currently behind bars
You should listen to St. Lunatics albums, they are great!
by MikeL August 5, 2003
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harddest difficulty in touhou project series
if you choose this mode to play, you maybe is a pro or just a newbie
friend: dude,lunatic mode is hard to play!
me: because you suck.
by fumo nicedo March 23, 2022
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A psycho that wanders through-out citys screaming about who knows what.
"Dont make eye contact with him or he'll come talk to you."
by Wandering Lunatic June 17, 2005
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A Lunatic (see Lunatic) who experiances times of delusions (see Delusional) in which you should seek shelter from them.
by Lord Hades January 15, 2006
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