Lunatic Dad is a channel on YouTube. They started posting videos in 2015. It's made up of a family with a lotta siblings. The father, Larry, is called Lunatic Dad because he keeps smashing and breaking his son's (Kyle's) PlayStation's and other electronics. And his son (Kyle) loves to mess with Lunatic Dad by pranking him by doing silly things such as throwing water over him, pieing him in the face and even breaking Lunatic Dad's own shit.

The only names of Kyle's brothers I know is Matt, David and Lawrence.

Lunatic Dad is a humorous channel that, in a nutshell, is basically the father-son version of Tom and Jerry.
- Lunatic Dad, in the video "SPLOOSH" (also one of his catchphrases)

- Kyle's catchphrase at the end of one of Lunatic Dad's videos when something goes wrong for him or if someone annoyed/angered him.
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An insulting term frequently employed to handily describe and attempt to silence a person articulating some form of unpleasant and extreme insanity.
My dear sir, would you mind shutting your lunatic piehole?
by Dr Bunnygirl June 23, 2021
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When someone acts as if they are crazy and insane at the same time.
by Sal Cino September 27, 2003
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A rap band from St. Louis including Nelly, Murphy Lee, Ali, City Spudd, and many more.
The St. Lunatics are from St. Louis.
by Capital_A July 19, 2003
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A person who likes to think they are a raver/lunatic when they really just sit at home doing nothing everyday of the week
Girl: I have been to so many raves. Im such a ravin lunatic.
Boy: No you haven't. Your just an arsehole.
by Matt_182 December 13, 2007
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the radical and irresponsible people in social organization or political party
Don't let the lunatic fringe of our group get past the security of the campus.
by The Return of Light Joker February 2, 2009
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The best rappers out there, coming from tha Lou aka St Louis. The group consists of 6 members, (one of which is in jail)the members are:
Slo Down, Kyjuan, Big Lee or Ali, Nelly, Murphy Lee, and City Spud. The groups first album "Free City" went platinum. The St Lunatics rapping skills are rare and unique. the members also have successful solo careers and have realesed solo albums: Nelly- Country Grammar, Nellyville,
Da Derrty Versions.
Ali- Heavy Starch.
Murphy Lee- Murphy's Law.
Kyjuan will be realesing his solo album soon. They also have a number of videos and hits.
Man, Summer in tha City is hot, The St Lunatics are poppin shit man, Poppin
by Julez&BillyBones March 1, 2004
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