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An adult male that chooses to be celibate in the hopes of one day banging one of his friends sisters. Can commonly be seen cooking/eating lemon fish and engaging in conversations about fisting, succ, and fukk. Driving a shitbox economy car (such as a powder blue hyundai) is also common. Many Studds fap at an unhealthy rate, sometimes in excess of 15 times in a single day.
Wow, Donald is such a studd.
by XRotoscopeX June 17, 2018
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to puncture a muffin and fill it with added flavor or pleasure. most studd-muffins are used to studd muffins.
me- "want me to studd ur muffin?"
Britt- "no"
me- " ='{ "
Britt- "i wanna suck on ur studd muffin"
me- " =-D "
by riotross September 26, 2009
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a dyke...but the less insulting word
should i call you a studd or a dike
by Megan April 26, 2004
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