21 definitions by sexy

a girl who flirts and even tugs at his belt and turns him on sooo much then just kisses him..they hate that
by sexy July 28, 2003
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to let sum1 no ya bein honestly serious
by sexy October 19, 2003
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Sexy beast, one of best players in runescape, and has the hardest asses in runescape.
I fucked infectedemon last night.
by sexy July 25, 2004
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One of the sexiest styles in the world consisting of mixing up the style of skater,prep,and urban.
did you see that kid Jayr man that is the orginal J. StyleZ
by sexy April 21, 2005
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the ultimate sexy one. Limpenny derives from the Latin meaning 'to be sexy' sweets and sports are in the top ranks
2 b or not 2 b... a Limpenny
by sexy November 16, 2003
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