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Rebel, suicide bomber rebel, suicide bomber, extremist, anybody who does extreme or unexpected things.
Example from The Godfather Part II movie:
A: "I saw an interesting thing happen today. A rebel was being arrested by the military police. Rather than be taken alive he exploded a grenade he had in his jacket. He killed himself and took a captain of the command with him."
B: "Those rebels are lunatics."
by AsocialSurvival December 21, 2018
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Male bitch or person who engages in relationship with women before questioning their virginity, relationships, or anything. Can be used in negative sentence, as protection from falling in slutty or suspicious relationships with suspicious women.
I don't wanna be a male slut, by liking your profile, while other guys are already liking it. I wanna free girl.
by AsocialSurvival December 19, 2018
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Person always sitting in the back of the class in school, and not sharing table with anybody. Can have anything from ordinary shyness or lack of courage, to serious mental disorders like social phobia and schizophrenia.
In the first two cases, also called "pussy" in former Yugoslavia countries like Bosnia, Croatia, and Serbia.
A: Why is this guy not talking to anybody? Why is he so socially withdrawn?
B: He is sensitive. He is good. Leave him alone!
by AsocialSurvival December 20, 2018
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