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ok lets clear this thing up right fucking now. Slash has nothing on Jimi Hendrix. If you think Slash is better than Jimi you are a <Fucking Moron?>.

Jimi was the best guitarist ever. no-one has ever and no-one can and no-one will master the guitar like Hendrix did.
And now bringing to you the best guitarist of all time...SLASH! eeer..no

Where as Slash will be an overweight burn-out in a few years, Hendrix rocks on from the grave
by BadLieutenant August 05, 2004

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A women who sells her body to a variety of creeps, low-lifes and degenerates. The majority of her wages goes directly to her abusive scumbag pimp who takes pride in the fact that he arranges for her to be degraded at the expense of scum.
Since when was it Okay to go screw and fuck with a bunch of killers, junkies and perverts?
by BadLieutenant June 21, 2004

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people that unrealistic idiots don't understand. its about realising that there is no essential value or purpose to existence or the universe, therefore everything that we do has no real point, and the hype isn't worth it.
I have an idea. Why don't you stop labelling Nihilism as a 'self-defeating philosophy' and actually declare what you think is the validation for existence. then you might have an argument.
by BadLieutenant November 08, 2004

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An individual who is a member of an organization that profits through organized crime. Also known as Mobsters. The guys in South Central strapped with guns and carrying large amounts of weed are more commonly known as 'gangbangers', not to be confused with 'gangsters', though both are equally dangerous.
Gangsters/Mobsters:Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, John Gotti.

Gangbangers:Bloods,Crips, most other South Central street fraternities.
by BadLieutenant August 21, 2004

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Anyone who contributes nothing to our society, save for crime, disease and misery.
Pimps, Drug-dealers, Gangsters, Child pornographers: These are all examples of low-life, worthless scum.
by BadLieutenant June 21, 2004

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Industrial rock band formed in Ohio in 1988 by singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Michael Trent Renznor, who is the only permanent and principle member. he uses various backing bands on tours. NIN are a very good band.
Head Like A Hole, 10 Miles High and Big Come Down are my favourite songs. very good stuff.
by BadLieutenant November 15, 2004

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Brilliant film that is one of Al Pacino's finest moments. Scarface tells the story of ruthless, foul-mouthed Cuban exile Tony Montana (Pacino). Arriving in Miami alongside thousands of Cuban immigrants during the 1980 Mariel Harbour boatlift, Montana rapidly begins to climb the ranks of the local cocaine cartel. After a long cycle of blood, profanity, spitting, and extreme violence, Tony makes it all the way to the top, but his drug-addled paranoia (a result of 'getting high on his own supply') proves to be his downfall.
See it if you already haven't. An absolute classic.
by BadLieutenant September 14, 2004

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