An overly addicting site in which you 'creep' other peoples pages, and tag them back when ever your life is lacking excitement. You can buy Nexopia Plus which will soon relieve you of that hard earned allowance, so that you can upload even MORE of your ugly and crap ass pictures, and add more text to your 'About Me' Section, just for you to add a long never ending list of those bands you probably don't even listen to.

Nexopia is also a great place for nerds to take revenge on people they hate, and flame them with their mad 1337 typing skills and become the
Emo is the most common form of people on
They gather in large groups and trade razors between eachother. They are recognizable by their herd-like packs, wander aimlessly in malls to search for new trashy belts, or just for the fun of showing off their emo-ness.
by blitz101 April 12, 2006
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Evolved from the small community site, created by Timo Ewalds, is a Canadian website, based in Edmonton and designed primarily for people aged 14 and up (accounts with users that are proven to be under age are deleted), that allows its users trade pictures, design their own profiles with pictures and interact with each other via private messages, comments and forums. The website used to contain a "Rate Your Picture" feature on users' profiles, but it was taken down from lack of use (less than 1% of users voted on it). The picture rating system also experienced many different ways of cheating. At first, the picture rating was on a users profile itself, but because of various problems with up-voting and down-voting, it was made random. Once it was made random, the amount of use the feature received dropped to well below 1% of the sites population.
1.lets go creep on other ppls pages
2.nexopia is full of emos, lets make one of them cry :D
by Ramtin November 12, 2006
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an online "community" for teenagers. has little point, other then to "connect" or just hit on other people on the site. has very few features and is extremely addictive. Alternately features 14 year old sluts wearing little clothing and extremely emo kids who have distorted pictures of themselves and "random", metaphoric, whiny song lyrics on their pages.
kid 1:an, if i had something better to do i wouldn't be on nexopia.
kid 2: if i didn't enjoy getting hit on by 30 year old guys from Turkey i would find something else to do
by sympathy for the devil June 5, 2005
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1. an online community full of mostly morons and eejits, with a handful of smart people thrown in for good measure
2. an addiction worse than crack
Nexopia is harder to kick than crack!
by Billy Pilgrim February 16, 2005
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porn with the really horny 14 year olds and stupid emos.

a good place to pick fights with idiots and G-units.
"lets make someone cut their wrists today"
"to nexopia we go"
by n1212 January 17, 2006
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nexopia, a place where teenagers can chat, threaten and hit on other teenagers

also used for "forums" like "teens" where prissy whiny bitches complain about there lives. and one boy radiostar. is the hottest.
man nexopia is DUH BOMB
by radiostar. March 27, 2005
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an online chatroom set up in profile format. where secene/emo kids gather in hopes of finally finding people as shitty as they are. not to go unsuccessful, nexopia is populated with 14 year old girls that feature pictures with far to little clothing on and middle aged men inserch of just that.these mis-understood piles of hormones post in forums such as 'teens' and 'attention seakers'.
today when i was on nexopia i posted in teens and they told me to "GTFO NOOB Y3W DUN DSRV 2 L1VE"
by aloona December 2, 2006
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