- v. - To have anal sex with a woman while fisting her.

- n. - Town, northern suburb of Philadelphia.
Did you Horsham my daughter?
by Paranoya January 14, 2005
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-n- A suburban town in the middle of nowhere outside of philly. Its also known to be a stuck up rich kid town. There is nothing to do except go to the movies or bowling, or mostly known diner Lancers.
Horsham is known for the education at HHSHS! WHICH SUCKS!!!
by unkown hippo November 19, 2006
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Horsham unfortunately is a very much unheard of town in australia in western victoria. It contains many diverse people... Most of which can't tell you there original gender. Horsham itself consists of almost 20,000 people and has it's own myspace page claiming horsham is only 99 years of age. People here generally make themselves easy to date and won't stick with a girlfriend/boyfriend for more than a week. It has a few schools of which contain equal masses of bogans. and only 10% of it's population ever completed their final year of school.

It's a known fact in horsham that you only have to stand under a street lamp and within 5 minutes you will be asked "How much will it cost?" Also If you can walk through May park at 2am wearing a pink shirt and not be malled to death by Emos you know today will be a good day.
Been to horsham lately?

Yeah walked through the park at 2am wearing a pink T-shirt


Yeah, an emo came over and made out with me,'cept I cut my lip on her percing.

That is bad, maybe if you went all the way through high school and didn't constantly change gender this wouldn't have happened

Like you can talk, you work under a street lamp.

Well it works in a town with a name like horsham.

Yeah, fair enough.

So how's your girlfriend?

Dumped her yesterday, we'd been going out for way to long..

How long?

3 hours.
by Fred Po July 11, 2008
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A place full of snakes and people that think their bad but really we’re just a b tech town with c tech people.
Horsham has snakes coming from all angles
by Pisstake22 October 18, 2020
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Also a Town in the South of England, it has very high house prices!
Well I'd sell up and move somewhere cheaper, not to horsham
by Andy F September 26, 2006
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it's awesome, for horses.
"I just won that there race *neigh*"
by will aitch December 23, 2004
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When you are fisting a girl's asshole and you pull your hand out with a turd and when opening your fist it explodes in your hand (blowing up like a gernade).
I was pleasuring my girlfriend's butthole when I pulled out my hand and the Horsham hand gernade went off.
by T-money Millionaire January 9, 2009
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