Luftwaffe is the german word for "air force", literary translated it means "air weapon". The Luftwaffe was the german air force during WWII. The modern german Air force is still under the name of Luftwaffe, unlike the army which switched from "Wehrmacht" to "Bundeswehr" (Federal Army).
Dude 1: Luftwaffe? What the hell is that a type of food?
Dude 2: Nein, scheiße Kopf. Sie ist das "Air force" von Deutschland.
Dude 1: What?
by Der Neger May 4, 2005
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the natzi air force.dates back to the napoleonic wars. means "swiss air force".
the messerschmitt,the heinkel 111and the skua are 3 luftwaffe planes
by yo mama456 April 10, 2010
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A sexual act in which you are passionately making love doggie-style. All of a sudden, you yell "Luftwaffe!" 8 of your closest friends jump out from a closet and fuck your partner's shit up royaly.
Crystal never recovered from the Luftwaffe.
by Rego, Josh Rego May 17, 2004
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Act of being buggered by someone dressed in a nazi uniform, usually unexpectedly, but then you start to enjoy it a little bit.
The missus got a strap on and a new hat for a bit of luftwaffe love, surprisingly entertaining on a sunday afternoon (before dinner).
by timmyfactoid October 16, 2012
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The elite airfighter unit in the KAF(Kraznanian Air Force). Hand-picked from only the finest Penguin pilots ever to walk this planet, their planes run on LINUX, and their planes are housed in Mrs. Potocki's trailer.
Emperor Dave!The Penguin Luftwaffe are prepared for takeoff!
by Crazy James No.II November 20, 2003
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a term often used to describe a huge faggot
A: "have you seen this new anime? the main character is so kawaii!"
B: "wow dude, just stfu you luftwaffe loli"
by weebsaregay July 12, 2018
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