Fucking morons who cannot spell "Nazi" correctly
"I weesh I wuz a NATZI cuz i cant fuhckinnn speel"
by Tainted God September 21, 2006
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1)adolf hitlar
2)ugly person
3)a perverted frog with a shot gun
2)OMG cover ur eyes its a natzi!
by u8hyguyghj February 2, 2003
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1) Small Penis'd fucks
2) Fagzillas
3) Teachers who give too muRch work
1) Wow thats nothing like what my jewish boy friend has
2) "Oh natzi, do u like it in this hole!?"
3)"Thanks for the paper adolf"
by Hooman December 13, 2003
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rulers of the late 30s
all hail hiter!!
sieg hile
by Lara Pedersen January 8, 2004
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A Hebrew term for "Zionist Christian." From נ"צ (natz), an abbreviation of נצרות ציונית (natzrut tsionit), meaning "Zionist Christianity", plus the suffix -י (-i).
Most American Jews don't vote Republican, but plenty of Natzis do.
by Wilma Auld March 11, 2019
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