Lanta (verb): To take mylanta in order to stop vomiting or other unpleasant things.
Man, my stomach killing me! I'd better lanta.
by kdonkd December 14, 2010
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An organ somewhere between the lungs and heart that when damaged forces the owner to scream "Ow, my lanta!" or "Oh my lanta"! It has no use, similar to the spleen.
by Axlium Banister January 01, 2011
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LANTA is the name of the bus system in Allentown, PA. While the actual meaning of the acronym remains a mystery, it is best described as Latin Americans Needing Transportation in Allentown
Juan took the LANTA to go hang out at the mall.
by Cube6561 July 02, 2011
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the god of children's parties.

John: Follow the teachings of Lanta and you wont lose your way.
Heather: And those teachings are?
John: Dont upset the children, balloon animals are easier to make than they seem, and no matter how tempting, dont push the birthday child into the pool.
by Fireroflmage, Human Mage(WoW) January 07, 2010
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