33 definitions by QZkotL

1. (n) Nickname for Daly City, a city south of Frisco
by QZkotL April 9, 2003
(n) A prostitute. Shorthand for the word whore. This word originated from prostitutes who trick at hotels.
In some cases people refer to them as sluts but what makes it different is that hoes get paid for what they do. (pl n) Hoes.
Look at that ho, she's just made about $500 at the telly the other day.
by QZkotL May 3, 2004
1. (n) Road in the Detroit Mich. Area
2. (n) Movie starring Eminem
by QZkotL April 9, 2003
Short for Bacardi 151, which also stands for the amount of proof the beverage contains
One sip of that 151 shit would make a nigga flip.
by QZkotL April 9, 2003