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(pl. noun) Shorthand for drivers licence.
I can't wait till I get my Ls.
by QZkotL January 15, 2004
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(prop n) syn. Trish Stratus; A sports entertainer, sports-entertainment journalist/commentator and fitness model born December 18, 1975 in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. Currently employed by WWE since 2000, also popular in the fitness modeling industry.
Not many people know that Trish Stratus' real name is Patricia Stratigias.
by QZkotL September 11, 2004
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>> I use Mozilla, what do you use?
>> MSIE.
>> Don't you know that browser's almost 3 years old?
by QZkotL May 02, 2004
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(Prop N) Alicia Moore. A singer who used to sing lead sing for a punk rock band, then signed on to Arista Records, sold out like blink 182 to sing Destiny's Child style music, then now turned to do Pop rock music.
by QZkotL July 20, 2003
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1. (n) Singer from western Pennsylvania who is famous for her vocal skills, but notorious for acting skanky in some of her music video ie Dirrty
by QZkotL April 09, 2003
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