LSC WIFI is something more la
Which WiFi can control kids gaming time ?

just use LSC WiFi, it close automatically if anyone tying to play games
by squatting parrot October 20, 2021
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LSC: Real Life 2: Invasion of Wang Lao is a game that was released in late 2021 and is the sequel to the popular game LSC: Real Life. The game is extremely popular in LSC. The game talks about the invasion of the creature called Wang Lao and its virus, WangLao-21. The player has to find a way to defeat Wang Lao and his minions, who are people infected with WangLao-21. It is possibly a reference to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and warns players about staying safe. The game also includes several pandemic items such as Gay Mask, Gay Syringe and Gay Gay. The game is more story-based than its predecessor, LSC: Real Life but is way longer and harder to play because of the introduction of characters like Luk and Schovengers, as well as infected versions of every single boss, NPC and character.
Chan: I beat LSC: Real Life 2: Invasion of Wang Lao! I'm such a chad!

Ho: No you're not. You're Chan, not Chad.
Chad: But I beat the game.
Lai: cap
by skeps_fuckery November 3, 2021
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termine che intende la frase Loda Sabaku Coglione
guy1: oggi c'è la live di sabaku.
guy2: odio sabaku
guy3: ma come osi io ti distruggo tu sei finito io-io amo sabaku loda sabaku coglione(lsc)
by camarasaurus November 22, 2021
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LSC is short for Lumpy snich Cock aka Owen
Yo have you seen LSC?
Yea owen is roasting BoS rn call later.
by Androiduserforlife March 9, 2020
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LSC: Real Life is a game that was released in 2015 and is very popular in LSC. The game is centered around LSC and the protagonist (You) fighting creatures and teachers. It is fun to play even though you will certainly get triggered over fighting dumb bosses.
A sequel to the game was released in late 2021 and is called LSC: Real Life 2: Invasion of Wang Lao. It is about the mysterious creature Wang Lao and the incoming virus known as WangLao-21. This game is possibly a reference the COVID-19 pandemic.
Dude 1: Yo! You been playing LSC: Real Life 2?
Dude 2: No it sucks
Dude 1: You suck
by skeps_fuckery November 3, 2021
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LSC wifi is sth more
A: what is the best wifi is the world ?
B: La Salle wifi
A: why ?
B: because LSC wifi is sth more
by squatting parrot November 8, 2021
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The LSC ICC (La Salle College Internet Culture Club) is an Interest club created in the year 2021-2022. They have a photo-taking competition, in which the prizes are discord nitro and spotify premium. Moreover, they rickroll students so as to attract them to join the club. They play rickroll about once per 5 minutes. Watching the rickroll video has become the new favourite recess activity of class 1D 2021-2022.
(Before assembly)
(some 1D students are looking at the screen)
student A: look the rugby club
student B: boo
A: look badminton club
B: boo
A: Robotics
B: boo
A: science
B: yay the LSC ICC will be played next
B: (loud voice) GUYS COME HERE!!!
(whole class comes)
(rickroll plays)
everyone: YAY!!!!!!!
by π=3.14159265358979323846 September 28, 2021
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