Stages of growth of penis in humans
actually it is one of the grwon stage of penis
LUND----->matured and experienced
by vineet September 23, 2004
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Loda is a noun that can be used in many ways, but for the most part it just means "I'm good" or "Nice!"
-Hey bro, how you doing?

-Last night was fucking wild, this girl let me shit on her chest!
by xSizzling June 1, 2020
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bhen ka loda is a slang ( abusive word ) used in india which means "ovary of ur sister"
usko dekh bhen ka loda
by ojas1338 November 29, 2020
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the mutated dick of his own sister.
O behen ke lodey ja maan chuda
by the compatible October 17, 2003
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Made of two word : "Behn" + "loda" i.e sister's dick.
implying to the clit of one's sister....

very common slang, has lost its offensive nature, it pretty casually used amongst friends
Friend 1 : Hey look!! She's a babe man!!!!
Friend 2 : Tu bhi behn ka loda hai, kabhi nahi sudhregaa

by Delwin Lewis June 23, 2008
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