Italian for "finished", "completed" or "gone".

Slang term for dead.
When dad finds out I failed math, I'll be finito.

My 1972 Fiat is finito - the engine is totally seized.

Finito Benito next Hirohito (a WWII expression - Musolini is dead, next Hirohito)
by Yummy Irony May 24, 2006
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A fun way of admitting that you are done, broke, out of the game, folded, wiped out, dead endin', toast.
When his buddy asked him if he'd like another drink, Flat Stanley waved his hand quickly back and forth across his face, and said, "Finito Benito".
by ElCommissioner July 1, 2017
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A person who has no money or close to bankruptcy. Typically used as an excuse for not hanging out with friends because of financial issues.
Person one: "Hey, let's go out for drinking tonight!!"

Person two: "Sorry man, no money de finito!!"
by yutax and kb October 1, 2009
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