A high school in Hong Kong. Famous for 8745 and Wan Lo.
-She studies in La Salle College.
-No way! It is a boy's school.
by On9MrGrass December 25, 2019
La Salle is a high school in Pasadena/ Sierra Madre. Once known for its drugs and party animals it is now changed into a strict private were learning is the primary goal. Although there are still stoners on campus it is now more family-friendly. Sports used to be bad but their athletics programs are now top-notch. Honestly, it's a good school to go to. it's just expensive.
person 1: its a public school
person 2: Nah La Salle college preparatory is getting better
by .chilly. January 20, 2020
With reference to the name, Sir Donald Duck of La Salle College looks like Donald Duck. The only difference is that he doesn't have a beak. This name originated from his surname, which is Tong (Full name in Chinese: Tong Wun-Sing). Donald Duck 's name in Chinese is Tong lou ap (Chinese: 唐老鸭). They both have Tong as their surnames and Tong Wun Sing is old. Therefore, he is often nicknamed as Sir Donald Duck of La Salle College.
Tong Wun-Sing: Good morning students!
Students: All hail Sir Donald Duck of La Salle College!
by UrbanDictNoob April 7, 2020
sister school of De La Salle Manila,
here you will find students of all kinds, the bitchy cheerleader, infamous jocks, frat men, pop ladies, scholar, lazy joe, wasted wally and the likes. Education is good tho.
I studied at De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde
by juan dela crux March 9, 2009