Italian slang for "testis". Plural is "coglioni".
Used to actually mean testis, or to say that someone is an idiot, a prick, or to manifest annoiance.
"Un calcio nei coglioni": A kick in the balls (testis)
"Sei un coglione": you are a prick, you are so stupid
"Non mi rompere i coglioni": do not bother me (literally: do not break my balls)
by pernolaccio May 8, 2007
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... levati dalla strada, coglione !
(... get out from the street, asshole !)
by hcfromcharleroi November 19, 2014
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In italian is a vulgar word that means "testis"
Sei un coglione!

You are a testis!
by Gilll September 11, 2006
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