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Shinkansen Hayabusa H5 (Shinkalion HB H5).
A train driven by Hatsune Miku (real/fake unknown).

Please find my definition for the vocaloid squad for more.
In fact, the use of "Shinkansen Hayabusa H5" as your username is regarded as simping for Miku.

Which, of course, is an apt description of me.

by π=3.14159265358979323846 November 24, 2021
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Described below.
Arknights terminology:
Lungmen Guard Department: a bunch of idiots screaming at each other. The head police officer is a dragon girl who refuses to arrest her sister on the charges of multiple cases of mass murder, destruction of entire habitats, and much more.
Yan: A low-level version of China with a few dragons in which one of them have permanent depression even more serious than Tomioka Giyuu
Lappland: commonly called lappdumb
Ceobe: the fearful three-headed dog Cerberus…not really. Just likes honey biscuits and generally has 1/3 of the IQ of a normal dog, as opposed to public belief that three heads means 3x the intelligence.
Doktah: a dumb guy who simps for Kal'tsit (explanation below)
Kal'tsit: a cat who has been sterilized and is old and wise beyond knowledge. She is 1000000x older (not independently verified) than the famed Wan Lo.
Warfarin: A vampire doctor who claims to be able to identify patients from prey, which we're sure is a lie. Doktah has met her several times, with him always coming out deprived of blood much lower than the accepted value. Also older than Wan Lo, an unbelievable truth.
Blaze: fire cat 1.0
Skyfire: fire cat 2.0
Reunion Movement: an organization of the baddest people ever in federal prison. Led by a fearsome dragon who actually should have been in prison but due to the overprotective acts of the LGD is evading prison better than Al Capone.
Kroos: (earrape) KO~KO~DA~YOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by π=3.14159265358979323846 September 26, 2022
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La Salle College formally opened her doors to students on 6th January 1932.
6th Jan 2022 marks the 90th Anniversary of our school’s establishment.
The story of La Salle begins in 1917 when the Brothers of St. Joseph's College opened a junior school on Chatham Road, near Rosary Church. Kowloon was expanding rapidly at that time and demand for school places was rising. Br. Aimar, the then Director of St. Joseph's, realized that a new school building was necessary. He acquired a piece of land on Boundary Street in the late 1920s as a site for the new La Salle College.
On 5th November, 1930, Sir William Peel, the Governor of Hong Kong, laid the foundation stone of the new building. By 3rd December 1931, the work on the building and the playgrounds was sufficiently advanced to allow the opening of eight classes under the management of five Brothers from St. Joseph's College and four Assistant Masters, Messrs. Charles Dragon, Francis Chan, James Ng and Benedict Lim, from the Chatham Road School. 303 students were present on that day.
On 6th January 1932 came the formal inauguration; seven Brothers headed by Rev. Br. Aimar as Director, took over and a few days later 40 boarders occupied their quarters in the west of the building. There were then 540 students in 14 classes.
--La Salle College School Events Group, 6th January 2022
by π=3.14159265358979323846 February 18, 2022
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As mentioned, Mr. Simon Lo did a strange experiment called the Girlfriend Experiment.
However, his wife was a very 'clean' person, and absolutely refused to let any one bit of food be left down from dinner.
Therefore, at his 20's, he became a 好食之徒(eating lover) from a 好色之徒(sex lover).
After that he became very fat. Now he is over 250lb. When he married he was but ~150lb.
(Mr Simon Lo talks about The Girlfriend Experiment II)
Lo: That's why I'm so fat.
Students: what about your sister, Sina Lo?
Lo: Her husband was also a very 'clean' person.
by π=3.14159265358979323846 February 18, 2022
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Mr. Simon Lo
Teacher in LSC
Weight: 250lb+
BMI: 30+
Age: 59 (as of 15.2.2022)
Enemy: Mr. Au Yeung Chuk Kwong
Diseases: diabetes
Teaching Subjects: Integrated Science, Physics
Likes: jokes, shouting in lab, recording video, 曬命
Dislikes: Mr. Au Yeung, sweetened coffee, people playing in lab, people not submitting homework, people laughing at his 'magnificent physique'
Mr. Simon Lo daily:

wake up
run to catch the bus (but fails)
walks to school
falls down
walks again
gets to school
goes up
waves hand
punch Mr. Au Yeung on the head
waves hand again
goes to toilet
(last 4 items x10)
rushes to catch 42 bus back home (then fails again)
waits and catches next bus
gets back home
records video
eats again
plays Chinese music
by π=3.14159265358979323846 February 15, 2022
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D-backs is short for Diamondbacks. The bullpen of this team ruins nearly every lead the excellent starting pitchers gets, from Randy Johnson to Zac Gallen. Bullpen problems have been with this team since 1998 when they appeared, and they haven't gotten better. Indeed, in 2021 and 2022, the bullpen lost 41 games apiece, a franchise record. The bullpen is one of the problems which ruin an otherwise good team and a title contender, another notable problem being the Torey Lovoullo mindset, which states that all prospects who arrive in the MLB late in the season should be replaced with bad but old players so as to keep the prospect status for another year to vie for the ROY title. This appeared in the Carroll/Luplow problem in Sep 2022.

Also used to refer to 'absolute trash'.
Dude, the D-backs bullpen blew another lead by Zac Gallen. What a shame.
by π=3.14159265358979323846 October 7, 2022
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A team which was good in '01 but is now pure crap.
'01 D-backs: RANDY JOHNSON + CURT SCHILLING! HA!!!!!!!!!!
The Arizona Diamondbacks since then: oh no our relief pitchers are really really really really bad
by π=3.14159265358979323846 September 26, 2022
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