Slutty-looking, yet unusually attractive girls. Normally of Mediterranean or Lebanese descent- first introduced in "fat pizza" episodes. Commonly used in regions such as Burwood.
Ash: Where da fuck we goin bra?
Yousef: dunno cuz just wasting fuel.....LOWIES ON THE LEFT!
(Both yelling): CHECK OUT THA LOWIES BRA...
by Shamuta June 24, 2005
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A divorced, middle aged, bald man, with children, who is so desperate not be alone he does anything to please his, usually older, also divorced girlfriends, who have children of their own, by using his savings and kids college fund to pay for their lifestyle and her kids expenses.
Hey girl, I hear you're looking to finally start dating you HAVE to get A Lowie. He'll literally do anything you say and pay for everything your hot ex refused to pay for; gifts, trips, spas, etc.... He'll be totally up your ass and pretty much agree to whatever you want to do. A MUST first guy to date after a bad marriage. Only downside is a possible restraining order to get him away from you if you break up. But a guy like that will most likely have priors so enforcement is not an issue. You'll thank me!
by ElenoreLow May 16, 2019
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Originating in Mentone, VIC. a Lowis is someone that repeatedly fails at simple tasks. Lowis' do not merely make mistakes however, they also fail to learn from them.
Boss: What is this on the floor Paul?
Paul: Grease, boss.
Boss: Grease is not used to clean the floor Paul. I told you this yesterday and last friday.
Paul: Woops... Sorry boss.
Boss: You're a fucken Lowis, Paul.
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A girl who is very loving and caring. Very beautiful yet still insecure. Social, intelligent, and protective. Also has some downsides because of her insecurities. A Lowys can be both a curse and a blessing.
"Dude you're such a Lowys."

"Is that a insult or a compliment?"
by AlienAlice March 16, 2015
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a female with low morals and standards, also known as a slut
"dude look what that lowy is wearing"
"man she isnt wearing anything!!!!"
by cRo4LiFe January 4, 2006
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a female slut who enjoys male company.
A female who is very permisques and like attention form males. Also who enjoys having sex with multiple partners
by Mark October 15, 2004
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