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Usually abbreviated to "bwd" on instant messaging programs and is a place in Sydney's inner west that attracts popular/androgynous males "lads" and popular/slutty females "lowies."
Annoying msn chick that keeps signing in and out: HEY PPL WHOS GOIN' BWD ON TUESDAY.
Poofy male (usually of italian or lebanese descent) : yeah, im going burwood to straighten my hair and do my nails.
by Whho, me? July 22, 2008
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where the lads and lowies hang out. usually in the shopping centre westfields. burwood is located in sydneys inner-west.
lad:cmon bra, lets go illchay in burwood
lad2::yeh bra lets go pick up sum lowies.
by bwd boy April 24, 2006
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