A serious medical condition that results in a man acting like a huge pussy. Low t symptoms include choosing to watch a movie with your girlfriend instead of drinking with your friends, ordering salads and specialty coffees, and generally paying too much attention to your physical appearance.
I realized Mike had low t the day he told me he couldn't come over to watch football because he had to go to cooking class.

You traded in your Durango for a Prius? The t doesn't get any lower than that buddy.
by forkshight January 02, 2013
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An abbreviation for ‘low testosterone’. Typically used in a humorous manner to refer to effeminate, emasculating, or otherwise weak persons or activities.
Boy: My girlfriend wants an open relationship & I’m ok with it.

Man: Imagine being this low t.
by Kalarus February 27, 2018
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A man who lacks testosterone and acts like a little bitch. He usually cries daily, is a vegetarian, is extremely needy, gets angry really easily and white knights too much. He usually pretends to support feminist/female causes just so he can get closer to the females.
I'm so sick of this Low T Soyboy in my class. He is a spineless beta male orbiter who will always raise somebody else babies.
by SigmaWolfpack December 26, 2018
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An all out pimp from Ohio that gets all the bitches.
Rick: Damn did you see T-Low with all those hoes.
John: Yeah i wish i could be like him
by OHIOTOM November 03, 2008
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Originating in the Toledo, Ohio BMX scene, this addictive gambling game is similar to Craps, and is played with two dice. Each player throws down a given amount of money, gets two rolls, and must get either a 7 or snake eyes to win.
I just lost my muthafuckin money in a game of t-low.
by y-mac November 01, 2004
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Usually a Tar-low of some sort. Possibilities of being a bi sexual. But never proven!
The coolest kat out there...
sexxxyyy bod

a major diva.
should be praised in the gay pride parade! xoxo
I wish i knew t-low.

t-low is mad chill

i would have three-some with t-low
by lauren santi && Jackkkkkk February 27, 2008
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The feeling of extreme hunger after you have eaten massive amounts of food.
Bae I'm I got dat low high T.......oooof
by Bcakes June 22, 2014
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