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An abbreviation for ‘low testosterone’. Typically used in a humorous manner to refer to effeminate, emasculating, or otherwise weak persons or activities.
Boy: My girlfriend wants an open relationship & I’m ok with it.

Man: Imagine being this low t.
by Kalarus February 28, 2018
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(1) (current) Term for a woman so grotesque, ugly, or obese that simply doing random things like dancing in a cosplay or walking down a street is enough to terrify everyone within line of sight.

(2) (original) Racist term for a racially ambiguous mutt typically of the American variety, so warped that la creatura is typically much uglier than either of xeir distinct-race parentages.

Can be both at the same time.

Related: la goblina/el goblino.
Hamplanet: *cosplay-dancing as Himiko Toga, taking up the entire width of the screen*
Horrified commenters: “La creatura…”
by Kalarus April 20, 2022
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Confess your troubles to me. Let out whatever is bothering you.
Person 1: Dude I need to tell you something serious!
Person 2: It’s all good, lay it on me.
by Kalarus November 1, 2015
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When used as a verb followed by a region, such as "glass California", it is a facetious reference to bombing the shit out of some country or area with so much heat that deserts and sand in general will melt into glass. To obliterate.
Person 1: Sick and tired of all these wars in the Middle East, why don't we just glass the whole thing?
Person 2: Oil doe.
by Kalarus April 13, 2022
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A stick of butter placed in a hot dog bun. Eaten only as a bet or when dared to.
You absolute madman, just watching you eat those butter dogs gave me type 2 diabetes.
by Kalarus April 5, 2017
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Stands for “Rest in Peace Me,” used to express sadness.
by Kalarus November 9, 2016
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Ratioed, more regularly being spelled as "ratio'd", began as a term for a post on Twitter, Instagram, or similar such platform with no "dislike" feature or counter, which typically has a comment/reply count far in excess of the like/retweet/repost count, indicating that the vast majority of engagement with the post is negative, likely because the post said something profoundly retarded (or woke).

The term has since expanded from this original definition to also encompass more explicit like/dislike indicators, such as YouTube's dislike-to-like ratio (which YouTube is considering removing for this reason), Reddit's karma counter, or Rotten Tomatoes' user-supplied ratings (NOT the critics' ratings, bugmen don't count). Further, it has been rarely applied to real life instances of infamy, such as when a politician espouses a position that a huge swathe of the public strongly disagrees with, resulting in a deluge of abuse far in excess of the praise — hence, ratio'd.
Person 1: Lol can't make this stuff up, NFL literally called themselves gay
Person 2: Get the fuck outta here lemme see that youtube video
Person 2 observes 646 likes to 4.7 thousand dislikes on the NFL's most recent advertisement, a 1:7 ratio of praise to abuse
Person 2: Lmao fucking ratioed
by Kalarus June 30, 2021
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