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n. (1. Non-urban) A roll of two dice in which both show 1.

(2. Urban) The number 1.1, esp. an academic GPA of 1.1
Yolanda: 'Sup Dashante, how's yo midterms lookin'?

Dashante: Not too good, baby. I'm rollin' snake eyes!
by Carl Willis January 27, 2004
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- rolling double 1's (2 in total) on the first roll of a street dice game. If this happens the roller loses all his bet automatically, and screams SNAKE EYES in frustration.
- intimidating eyes like a snake
- eyes of a snake
1: *amidst the street dice circle*
Juan Sanchez: ALL IN
Raul Lopez: I CALL

*JS rolls double one's*

RL: You lose! I may now live la dolce vita!

That mofo keeps on lookin away when i stare him down... he know's not to mess with the snake eyes

That python has some crazy ass snake eyes
by Blazin Hazen August 04, 2006
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A character from the GI Joe series. Snake Eyes is apparently heavily-scarred so much that he can't even speak. However, Snake Eyes is a commando for GI Joe; he excels in ninja skills, which include advanced CQB, advanced espionage, even swordsmanship.
"Snake Eyes is badass; he's my most favorite Joe. But then again, I like ninjas; ninjas kick so much ass. ^_^ not just literally, but metaphorically too."
by Dave May 23, 2004
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When the employees across the street just wont stop LOOKING at Sensai Doug. Givin him those...givin him those fuckin snake eyes...
The motherfuckers across the street from my karate dojo just won't stop LOOKING at me those SNAKE EYES
by trillllinois July 28, 2017
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A character in the comic "GI Joe"

Officially designated as 'Commando',he is the unit's most expereinced and skilled operator.

Served two tours in Vietnam as a LRRP, apparently assigned to SOG, which one may assume he has Special Forces training.

After leaving the Army, and learning of the loss of his family to a car accident, went to Japan to train with his LRRP team-mate Thomas Arashikage in the ways of ninjitsu.

Becoming a ninja, he left the dojo when his mentor, the Hard Master was killed apparently by Thomas (known as Storm Shadow). Later is was determined that the hired assasin known as Zartan was the killer, under orders to kill Snake Eyes.

Spent an undetermined amount of time in seclusion in a mountain cabin, until SSG Lonzo Wilkinson (known as Stalker),another member of the LRRP team, recruited him to join GI Joe.

On a rescue mission in the Middle East, when his Huey transport helicopter malfunctioned, a fuel explosion caused his face to be horribly scarred and his vocal chords to be irreparably damaged, precluding the ability to speak.

Snake-Eyes now wears a mask to cover the scars,usually a black mask when wearing tactical clothing and a latex facsimile of his unscarred face while in class A's.

Served in GI Joe 1980-1995, left when unit was disbanded,continued ninja training where he has achieved Master status(sometimes known as the Silent Master). Also became freelance operator for unnamed US intelligence agencies before rejoining a reformed GI Joe team in 2001.

Romantically involved with SFC Shana O'Hara (known as Scarlett) since they first met in 1980. Engaged to be married to Scarlett, broke off engagement in 1999, and reconciled later to be married at an undetermined date.

Known as one of the most feared and respected special operators in the world, performing missions in accordance with US policy on 7 continents.



US Army Airborne (Master Parachutist)
US Army Ranger
US Army Jungle Warfare (Jungle Expert)
US MACV Recondo
US Army Mountain Warfare
US Army JFK Center for Special Warfare (assumed)
Various other schools

9MM Uzi Submachine Gun
9MM Beretta M92FS Automatic Pistol
Katana Sword

Qualified expert in all NATO and former Warsaw Pact small arms, as well as edged weapons.

It makes one wonder if such character exists in the real world..............
If you are an enemy of the US, pray Snake Eyes doesn't get you at night.
by pctfitz November 06, 2005
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When you pull out a pack of gum or candy, and you only let the first two people who ask get any of it. Kinda like calling shotgun.
Hey Zach give me a piece of gum. No way dude you didn't call snake eyes on it.

Louie and Anthony called snake eyes first so they are the only ones who are getting anything.
by Jamammal July 15, 2010
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To look at somebody with a ball in your hands,and throw it to somebody else.
"yo,he pulled a snake eyes on me,i thought he was throwin the ball to Jill!!!!"
by Tyler White(aka youngboyt) December 09, 2009
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