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One who lounges; that is, frequents cocktail lounges and indulges in classic vices reminescent of an earlier time in American history: those of music, cocktails, fashion, flirting, and all manners of witty conversation.
That sharp gent over there smoking a Churchill and sipping a Sidecar? Great conversation sure, but don't ask him to dance — he's a lounger.
by Tommy White Tie November 11, 2003
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They’re usually millennials with little or no ambition, smell like decaying asshole bread, vegan, covered in tattoos that reflect their poor life choices and have uncouth, usually unkept or multicoloured, hair.

They think they’re better than the average bartender and they’re so overly nice and cheesy that it makes you want the vomit, eat your vomit, vomit again and then kick a small dog.
Shall we go out tonight? Maybe the local Bar?
No thanks Tom, I hate being served by those cunting loungers.
by HeHasMyRum January 30, 2018
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