One who lounges; that is, frequents cocktail lounges and indulges in classic vices reminescent of an earlier time in American history: those of music, cocktails, fashion, flirting, and all manners of witty conversation.
That sharp gent over there smoking a Churchill and sipping a Sidecar? Great conversation sure, but don't ask him to dance — he's a lounger.
by Tommy White Tie November 12, 2003
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one who lounges
a lounger just sat on my couch
by yak May 5, 2003
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droopy boobs that seem to lounge closer to a woman's lap than her chest area. Opposite of Perky bubules
She was a beautiful older woman, but the fact that she liked to show off her lap loungers by not wearing a bra was a real turn off to Mark.
by chillerlingo January 5, 2012
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a slutty teacher (male or female) who sleeps with the entire school faculty
aka faculty fucker
Miss Johnston is sleeping with my chem teacher Mr. Platter. I heard she also gave the gym teacher a blow job. She's a real faculty lounger.
by yoiks March 10, 2006
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Someone who has perfected the social skill of getting into a just right position that makes them look sexy and casual without looking like it's planned, and then can hold the look for extended periods of time.
"Look at the slight separation between her lips and the way it plays with the casual exposure of her left leg. She's definitely a vogue lounger."
by babanon May 1, 2012
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someone who lazies around on the couch and barks out demands
"get the kids to shut up can't hear the tv" as the person is to lazy to get up like a barking lounger
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the lounger someone sits in while he or she is barking orders to those around them.
my husband just sits in his barque lounger barking out orders to me and the rest of the family!
by lindy 1943 April 13, 2010
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