Similar to skiing but instead of jerking off two penises it is when a man jerks off himself while performing a reacharound on another man.
When asked if skiing or giving a sidecar was a more homosexual act, Jerry was perplexed. On one hand, skiing has twice as many foreign dicks in your hands but on the other hand with a sidecar he would also be hard therefore presumably enjoying himself. Jerry reasoned that one could reluctantly ski but a sidecar implies self pleasure.
by Anonymoos3 January 5, 2020
When you are out with a friend and a group of his friends, who you aren't well acquainted with. This put's you in the sidecar,(as in motorcycle sidecar) your friend is driving and you are awkwardly along for the ride. with nothing to control or keep you occupied... (beside your nerdy cell phone). And the subject of the group conversation turns to something you have no clue about, (Inside jokes, Old school/work stories) It's hard to look cool in the sidecar.
Man! I went to a party with Mike last night, there was a bunch of his old highschool buddies there.
Mike and his buddies started talking about their favorite rugby teams, I have no clue about rugby. I got put in the sidecar!
by 21dreams September 11, 2010
A cocktail invented around 1918 in either London or Paris. To make it, you take eight parts brandy or cognac, mix with two parts orange liqueur (Cointreau, Grand Marnier, or another triple sec), and one part lemon juice. To serve, you mix the ingredients in a shaker half-full with ice, then strain and serve in a sugar-rimmed glass, and finally garnish with a strip of lemon rind. You can also use vodka, bourbon, or gin in place of the brandy and/or cognac
Man, the bartender at that restaurant made the best damn sidecar I ever had.
by Your Testicles September 21, 2011
noun /ˈsaɪd.kɑ r/ intercourse through a colostomy hole
I could tell by how she fingered her stoma that she wanted me to ride in her sidecar.
by bungfullajung May 24, 2016
Passenger side co-piloting of an automobile while the driver's hands are busy, presumably smoking pot with foot on accelerator.
Flakus was tokin a fat bowl of grass, so i was sidecaring to keep us on the road.
by Taver13 February 3, 2010
technique of manually stimulating the female genitals with two fingers in the vagina and slipping a pinky into the anus
While Jane was enjoying the dexterity of my index and forefinger I slipped in a sidecar for the win.
by mamamomash March 20, 2003
Anyone who is in a relationship/partnership who is clearly not wearing the metaphorical trousers, or in more extreme cases, only worked with/dated by the other for superficial reasons I.E - money or looks, and while everyone else can see this, they cannot.
Good looking woman walks into a crowded bar and pushes her way to the front, and without asking the small nerdy guy on HER arm what he wants, she orders the drinks.

ONLOOKER 1: "woah check out that blonde!"
ONLOOKER 2: "...check out the sidecar"
by razzamatazz October 20, 2005