Used to describe a feature which someone has that just blows your mind so much that you cant put it in words .
why do i keep smiling for no reason and get a random cause of the butterflies , maybe its because swa`s smile is just right .
by sholu April 9, 2016
This is a Liberal person who understand and relates to the political ideology of Liberals to an area just short of not being able to relate or understand conservative points of view.
Joe is so liberal but as a conservative, he still understands me. He's just right of libtard with his beliefs.
by UCF_RosenKnight April 17, 2019
1. Something that "sucks just right" is something that you like or enjoy that could be viewed as sucky or lame. Very similar to a guilty pleasure.

2. Also if something is uncomfortable or semi painful but you also kind of get enjoyment out of it this too could be something that "sucks just right"
1. That Celine Dion song "I'm your lady" sucks just right.

2. When someone screams in your ear it can sometimes feel kind of good, like it tickles, like it sucks just right.
by B-Radical31882 November 8, 2019
A phrase used by redneck women to call attention to a perceived injustice.
Wade got kicked off of disability after being busted for cock fighting. That's just not right.
by nolangray January 19, 2012
A phrase used to refer to females who are rather short. The phrase indicates that they wouldn't even have to bend down to "top off the night", if you know what I'm saying.

Generally a hyperbole.
"Wow, man, your girlfriend is really short!"
"Yeah, she's just the right height, if you know what I'm saying.
by Nope4810 April 19, 2005
meaning Im just now getting settled; im avaliable now
"I like how I cant get no text back"
"Chill I just got right, dont trip"
by SkittlesdaRapper July 14, 2017
You're not being clear about it right just now.
by burndownthebuilding December 1, 2009