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The goddess of the Earth in the early 90's cartoon "Captain Planet". Voiced by Whoopie Goldberg.
by Yak August 30, 2003

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1-a frozen fart (a la Ren and Stimpy)
i saw a fartcicle at the zoo today
by yak May 07, 2003

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Dog crap. Usually left in the middle of a woodland path. This flavour can only be achieved by feeding the canine epoxy putty for 3 weeks prior to bowel evacuation. Usually impossible to remove from a tyre.
Crap! Which bastard left that dog toffee there?
by Yak December 12, 2003

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Japanese for black. ie, "negro"
look at those niguro GI's trying to rape a schoolgirl, let's attack them
by yak December 20, 2004

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Description of a woman whose breasts, as opposed to bringing joy to men, bring sheer misery, distress and suicidal tendencies
Alison, you swamp donkey, you have some fucking bad misery tits
by Yak October 12, 2003

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The description of one with practices Practical Deakism.
I'm sitting comfortabley because I've not been deakesque
by Yak September 16, 2003

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one of those mini-bananas
i slipped on a fleisher
by yak May 06, 2003

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