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A term for someone who looks at something with no intention of buying it. Predominantly used for people who go to open houses when they have no intention of buying any real estate.
Like Peggy was doing on that episode of King of the Hill.
by random_whore February 24, 2005
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Besides referring to a person who looks at things with no intention of buying them, a special meaning is that of a person who holds up traffic by slowing down to look at an accident or fire or some other reality.
Traffic on the 405 has come to a standstill because of the lookie loos.
by Bill DeF December 20, 2008
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People seen peeking through the gaps between stall doors in public restrooms, especially impatient bathroom trolls and annoying, unsupervised children.
Girl 1: Hey, what took you so long?

Girl 2: Ugh! I got pee shy when I saw a lookie-loo seeing if I was still in there. Why do they bother putting doors on these stalls when they barely function.
by 'nuffsaid009 August 06, 2010
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In a sexual with a odd number of participants there are a couple or two couples and one lookie loo
Me and my girl killed it in bed, but the lookie loo was kinda off that day
The lookie loo was more interested in me than the other three people
by B n G February 05, 2016
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