3 definitions by p1@typu5

Noun: A worthless poor person that can’t participate in expensive hobbies
“I hate going ice-fishing, because all the looky-loo’s that can’t afford boats are out on the lake.”
by p1@typu5 September 25, 2020
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The WORST breed of horse. They are a completely USELESS type of draft horse that is usually blue or green. They originated in Mexico and are now used in everything from live sex shows to pulling plows and carriages.
"That black horse over there is really ugly, must be a percheron!"
by p1@typu5 September 10, 2021
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When you strip naked, lay down in the dirt and let chickens peck you all over.
“What happened to your eye?”

“I lost it in a hen-play accident at my uncle’s farm.”
by p1@typu5 January 30, 2021
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