This is a phrase coined by C Haddon Chambers and it can be taken to mean either :-
1. The broad far-reaching power or influence of coincidence;
2. Things just happen;
Note: See also Shit Happens
Why is it that everything Malcolm does turns to rat shit?
That's because it's Malcolm, not even the long arm of coincidence.
by AKACroatalin August 23, 2020
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Having the appearance of extra long arms when vexed; Stomping away heavily with arms down to ones sides.
Angela Long Arm Stomped away after getting yelled at by her mother for not putting the seafood salad away.
by Draeb June 14, 2011
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When someone has money but is to tight to share it.
Noob: Hey Dude, Want to buy the next round of drinks

V-Rex: Nah, it's cool man i have not got enough money.

Noob: God, Such Short Arms, Long pockets.
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When two dudes interlock arms (like in a toast of sorts) and jerk themselves (not each other) off. The act is considered neither gay nor cheating.
No bruh. Tom didn't cheat on Cindy. Him and Bobby were totally just Long Island Strong Arming it after the big win in the locker room.
by M2B2D2 March 28, 2015
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When one gets so excited, that they run and flail their arms like a helicopter.
"The cool kids make fun of me for my long flowy helicopter arms."
by Chloe Black January 13, 2011
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An individual who can reach the pillow from across the room from the bed.
Oh, man. We got us Jimmy long arms over here.
by MstrNealoth February 4, 2018
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Racial slur for people of color, stemming from African or South American decent.
Those damn long arms and their watermelon I tell you hwhat.
by Cuntry blmpkn May 17, 2023
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