the best beach ever.
old barney (which you climb to the top of once; when youre 5)
ron jon surf shop = love.
bay village.
beach haven; the best surfing ever.
the little shack you pass driving down on the causeway.
murphys market.
viking village.
the best mini golf courses; ever.
fantasy island.
what more can you want?
we beat out sleazside; pt. pleasant; ac any time.
the bay & beach within walking distance.
beach haven; the best surfing spots.

our life is your vacation.
wanna go surfing?

okay; where?

point pleasant.

hell no. thats no surf.

so where go you wanna go?



oh; i mean long beach island ♥
beach haven; the best surf.
by emily xo. August 31, 2006
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the best place in the world


Mini golf, babes, beaches, waves, scooners wharf, fantasy island, bay village, dairy queen, acme market, that little old shack on the causeway, beach haven, ron jon surf shop-enough said
hey do you wanna go to heaven aka six miles and sea aka long beach isalnd?

sure lets go
by ... December 28, 2005
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the fuckin mecca of all its the zion of the shores. this place has everything specially beach haven "the queen city" good shit goes down in here. first off the surf....holyoake....is good i rep my hood though down at belvoir. Next schooners warf (the thing the other kid who wrote on the lbizzle said) it pretty much sucks cept for some parts too many fuckin new york fuckin wiggers who think they are tough shit. and way too many new york acsent skanky bitches who have prolly been penetrated by these wiggers. barrys is the good food place....good people good place. LBI is just a great place when you find girls who are hot they are amazing...hot and cool as hell not like those nyc girlies. this beach beats out all the other "shores" like avalon, oc, stone harbour and Atlantic city
hey you wanna go to the shore

sure where

stone harbour

fuck that shit i go to the realest
illest long bizzle

o can i come

first you have to take off the sean john u wigg

ok ill do anything to go to lbi

thats what i thought
by jah April 1, 2005
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is possibly the best beach ever. and ron jons? uhh try again. they rip you off. thats stores for wannabes. you gotta go to the surfshack or farias. thats where its at. and 7th street used to have the best surf till all those annoying ass shoobies came that skimboard? fuck that shit surfings the way to go.
shoobie: "wanna go to ron jons in long beach island?"
local" uhh no?"
by amanda5509 January 24, 2008
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lbi is the shit, i mean horney sluty torists girls, who want to fuck constenly. Laughing and ragging on the torrists as they walk around little scooners warf. The surf is not to good but i go every day. Also the smizz is the danks.
where you get this dank smizz.

Long Beach Island

I love that place, fuck a tourists there.
by mlpkonjibhuvgycftxdrzseawq December 26, 2008
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while staying in long beach island stay out of the locals way or get cursed off, your choice. its the land of the bennys unfortuantly. its a place near manahawkin. and everyone in manahawkin connot stand them. they cause traffic back to where everyone lives. they crowd the walmarts and shoprites and pretty much everywhere else. GO TO LIBERTYGROCERY.COM GO TO LIBERTYGROCERY.COM GO TO LIBERTYGROCERY.COM GO TO LIBERTYGROCERY.COM GO TO LIBERTYGROCERY.COM. if you dont want to go food shopping and take time out of your trip, instead of bringing your own foods, just go to that website and pick your own foods and we will get you any food you want, plus the way the owner of the website shops she gets everything that is cheap so YOU save money! best part of the deal, the owner will deliver the food at the destination your living at for the vacation and we put away the foods in the cabinets, fridge, and freezers. please go now, this website consists of the lbi, manahawkin, tuckerton area.
heyy lets go to long beach island for a week vacation.

yes good idea, but i dont want to sit in traffic just because we need food.

yea good point......heyy lets GO TO LIBERTYGROCERY.COM and they will buy the food we want and we dont have to waste our time

ok lets go on now to pick our foods and by the time we get to the house were staying at the food will already be there and put away!
by kierstenlw July 5, 2009
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The best place in the WORLD. One of the only great places that is completely AUTHENTIC. Beats anywhere else by FAR--Cape Cod, Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, Point Pleasant, the Hamptons don't even come close. Cool people, hot lifeguards and surfers, hot girls, not to mention Bruce Springsteen (patron saint of the Jersey Shore), the BEST BAGELS...Fantasy Island, Bay Village, Beach Haven, everywhere that has a bike lane....

"Hey, do you want to come down to the shore this weekend?"

"Well, my family's going to the Cape--"

"Dude, my family's going to Long Beach Island."

"Of course I'll come...I just have to get out of it..."

"That's what I thought."
by jerseygrl2 December 27, 2008
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