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basically the beverly hills of all beaches. your beach house is probably bigger than anyone of your friend's. you grew up going to fantasy island and mr. tee's, and if you were lucky you would be able to eat at chicken or the egg for breakfast. but if not, then defenitly shore good donuts, because those things are the shit. you ride your bike or longboard everywhere. two words: bay. village. the best fucking shopping center in the world. those elephant ears are to die for. and don't lie, you get a henna tattoo everytime you're there. you don't mind spending $2,000 in island gypsy. it's not the most you've spent in a store. beach haven is home to the best restaurants in the world. when you heard those bells ring, you dashed all the way to the street to get ice cream. you always go to the bayside to watch the sunset. beach haven is your home. you fucking love it. you wouldn't trade it for the world.
lauren: i finally get to feel like what it's like to be rich. my family is renting a beach house in beach haven!

anna: oh that's funny, because i think it's mine...
by 🌞🌻 April 04, 2017
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The coolest town on LBI. Full of fishermen, sailors, and surfers. Pretty much everybody rides a longboard and laughs at the tourist. Everyone there knows how to surf and how to sail. Also, when a group never wears shoes, is always in board shorts, and is extremely tan.
Sam: "Do you see those guys over there?"
Tanner: "They're total Beach Haveners!"
by MacDaddy1605 December 10, 2013
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the place everyone wishes they had a beach house. a place where having a bike is far more important than having a car. you can spend the whole day at the beach (surfing, boogeyboarding because you KNOW we got THE best surf in the world) then go mini golfing at mr. tee’s or spend the night at fantasy island. or you could spend the afternoon shopping in bay village. you could even spend the day at the water park thundering surf! if it’s a wednesday night, go grab some snacks from murphy’s and watch the concert in the park. when your hungry, lord know you want chicken or the egg wings. oh and you know that beach haven has literally the best resteraunts in the world. beach haven is the best place on earth don’t fight me on this.
Friend: ugh i wish i had a beach house in beach haven!

Me: yea lol that place is THE shit
by damchicka March 12, 2018
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