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adj. an extreamly hot (girl) who just cant help being so sexy
Damn redheads, always gotta be so hot
by ... January 15, 2005

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He died...the funniest man ever died... R.I.P
we'll never froget you mitch.
by ... April 01, 2005

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kind and loving person who everyone loves. the most beautiful girl in the world.
MAN!! Arabella is so beautiful!
by ... November 14, 2004

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national weed smoking day. light em up at 4:20 pm or am.
man, i cant wait for 4-20 to come. its almost as good as christmas.
by ... April 24, 2005

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Excess flesh/fat upon the body, caused by overeating of fat foods (ie., cheesy poofs). Common amongst truck drivers, and people with nothing better to do than read this site all day.
Usage: That trucker is one motherf-cker that is f-ckin riddled by obesity, f-ck.
by ... November 27, 2003

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One who believes that their gender, group, or kind is superior to others.
"My gym teacher only let the boys play soccer..."

"That's only because he is a chauvinist."

"The fact that his IQ is lower than Forrest Gump's might also be partially responsible..."
by ... May 18, 2003

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Home of the greatest North American bud.
You'll be blinded by green...
by ... March 14, 2005

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