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This is rediclious... who does this... people are sittin here talkin madd shit about TR when honestly.. they didnt do a thing to anyone.. they drive around and get called fags... what did they do? got there licence?? O SHIT! really brian eddy justin kk fuckin whoever the fuck has a problem with TR get over it.... and alex B. you dont have much room to talk you have entrys on this thing to.. just go look under amesbury... ull find it faggot
by ... April 2, 2004
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1337 in all respects of the word, she is a genious with languages, computers, music, and just about everything else. She's one of the nicest, smartest people on 404.
"Anomaly just pwned that guy's theory."
by ... December 21, 2003
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The color blue. Specifically, the adjectival form; the noun is ao.
by ... May 17, 2004
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world famous (to LA) chilli fries and burgers. smells like armpit but addictive as crack cocaine.
by ... July 2, 2003
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A dragon drawn by Strong Bad. One of which likes to burninate peasants and THATCHED ROOFED COTTAGES!!!
Repeat after me kids: "Trogdor burninated Annoyed and Rob's @$$es for disrespecting his majesty."
by ... July 20, 2003
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when you think something is lesser than you cos you've studied heart of darkness for a term -.-;
by ... June 11, 2003
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Hat in spanish. Not just that huge Mexican hat.
Person: Look at that guy's sombrero, it's huge!
Other Person: It's called a hat, deal with it.
by ... August 3, 2004
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