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to wigg- to go balistic usually about something trivial (see kirking out)

to be a wigg- (see sketch)to be the kind of person who would typically go crazy or be sketchy
when steve found out he lost his pot, he totally wigged

man steve is such a wigg, every time we hang out with him he prank calls the cops
by Jay Con April 13, 2003
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the nickname of a guy, who has earned the title of bitch and vagina also. Used in the context of anything involving the word bitch or vagina.
Flipping a Wiggs(flipping a bitch), Wiggsing out(bitching out), being a Wiggs(being a bitch or vagina), shaving your Wiggs(shaving your vagina)
by SuCKsTobEUWigGs May 08, 2004
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Term used for girls or a girl that wiggles her bum or her bum naturally wiggles as she walks
"oh my days! check out my girl wiggs over deya!!"
by Pabz October 11, 2006
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An internet chatting term standing for "Well I Gotta Go".
kayla b. (canadian whore): i just fucked this guy
me: dammit not again, WIGG
kayla b. (canadian whore): bye
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A defunct political party, from around the time of washington and jefferson.
Do i realy need to clarify this further?
by Nik March 27, 2004
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