to wigg- to go balistic usually about something trivial (see kirking out)

to be a wigg- (see sketch)to be the kind of person who would typically go crazy or be sketchy
when steve found out he lost his pot, he totally wigged

man steve is such a wigg, every time we hang out with him he prank calls the cops
by Jay Con April 13, 2003
A defunct political party, from around the time of washington and jefferson.
Do i realy need to clarify this further?
by Nik March 27, 2004
the nickname of a guy, who has earned the title of bitch and vagina also. Used in the context of anything involving the word bitch or vagina.
Flipping a Wiggs(flipping a bitch), Wiggsing out(bitching out), being a Wiggs(being a bitch or vagina), shaving your Wiggs(shaving your vagina)
by SuCKsTobEUWigGs May 8, 2004
Term used for girls or a girl that wiggles her bum or her bum naturally wiggles as she walks
"oh my days! check out my girl wiggs over deya!!"
by Pabz October 11, 2006
An internet chatting term standing for "Well I Gotta Go".
kayla b. (canadian whore): i just fucked this guy
me: dammit not again, WIGG
kayla b. (canadian whore): bye
An African American person with caucasian qualities.
Doug - "Did you see that Nigg-Wigg, Obama on tv yesterday?"

Tyrone- "Yeah I think that whole Bin Laden thing is a conspiracy man! I think he's been dead for years now and we've been wasting time, lives, and money over there in the middle east...
.....And I don't appreciate you using the phrase 'Nigg-Wigg' when you're talking about my boy Obama."
by blazedasfuh January 16, 2012
It is derived from the root word:"WIGGER". (see "wigger").
"WIG' NATION" is a demographical reference to a significant population, and/or dense location in which wiggers, "stomp" or reside. These "WIGG' NATIONS" are usually slightly outside of the suburbs or slightly inside the suburbs. This depends solely on how "hard" this mob of wiggers are. Please note; "WIGG NATIONS" are not stationary they are located when and where a population of wiggers are or have been.
As we passed through town after school a bunch of "wiggers" boarded the bus. Come to find out shortly after that, they began to rap gangsta' type music, cussing one another, and calling each other either, "blood" or "bitch" depending on gender. Then I realized the bus had become the "WIGG' NATION."
by firebeam11 March 30, 2010