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the fuckin mecca of all its the zion of the shores. this place has everything specially beach haven "the queen city" good shit goes down in here. first off the surf....holyoake....is good i rep my hood though down at belvoir. Next schooners warf (the thing the other kid who wrote on the lbizzle said) it pretty much sucks cept for some parts too many fuckin new york fuckin wiggers who think they are tough shit. and way too many new york acsent skanky bitches who have prolly been penetrated by these wiggers. barrys is the good food place....good people good place. LBI is just a great place when you find girls who are hot they are amazing...hot and cool as hell not like those nyc girlies. this beach beats out all the other "shores" like avalon, oc, stone harbour and Atlantic city
hey you wanna go to the shore

sure where

stone harbour

fuck that shit i go to the realest
illest long bizzle

o can i come

first you have to take off the sean john u wigg

ok ill do anything to go to lbi

thats what i thought
by jah March 31, 2005
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a Suzuki motorcycle sportbike
Crashed my gixxer at the track today
by jah April 30, 2003
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applies to sunless tanning.
Look at lindsay lohan...she sure has a crappy fake n bake
by Jah January 04, 2005
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having a motorcycle so leaned over in a turn your knees scrape the pavement
all kneedragger ride gixxers
by jah April 30, 2003
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The act of ejaculating onto someone.
Petey gave gloria a splooge shower as he dropped his man naise all over her.
by jah September 07, 2004
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the puple helmeted spitting crotch snake.
come get a faceful, come and ride the milksnake!!!!
by jah September 02, 2004
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an uncommon word to describe someone or something that is really disgusting and/or repulsive. should only be used under extreme circumstances. Usage of such a strong word without proper reason is punishable by death/slow torture in some countries.
Oh my God. You truly are an arve.

I am close to throwing up just thinking about how arve that thing was
by Jah October 01, 2003
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