Man: "yo you see that guy over there?"

Man #2: " yeah dude that's Behn, The Absolute Funniest Man Alive"
by Behn1 March 1, 2021
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the apocalypse for the royals in Norway. he is a poet who married the princess there. he named his second child Leah Isadora! wha calls their childs that??????????
he wrote the retarded book "trist som faen"
by Steingrim April 14, 2005
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Made of two word : "Behn" + "loda" i.e sister's dick.
implying to the clit of one's sister....

very common slang, has lost its offensive nature, it pretty casually used amongst friends
Friend 1 : Hey look!! She's a babe man!!!!
Friend 2 : Tu bhi behn ka loda hai, kabhi nahi sudhregaa

by Delwin Lewis June 23, 2008
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Jailyn Behn is an awesome human being! She loves almost everyone she knows and tries to be as kind as possible! Her bestfriends are Sydney and Lyla. She is really pretty, smart, kind, over anxious at times, and a lot more! If you don't live Jailyn Behn, then you are insane!!

Girl : IT IS?? OMG IT IS!!
by jjisntcool March 27, 2022
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