A positive affirmation, often used as a confirmation response expressing excitement. Can signify an impending good time. Can be used as a common term of agreement.
Hey we going out tonight? Ya Nahi!!
We just won the championship….. nahi!!
You wanna drink beer tonight??. Nahi.
Hey you wanna go eat… ya nahi
by legattos October 23, 2010
Nahiely is a wonderful girl with alot of emotions.Nahiely can do anything she puts her mind to.She has two bestfriends.one is a guy and the other is a girl.nahiely is funny and smart and is going to go to a wonderful college and many people care for her and love her.she has a little attitude with people she doesn't like.you are very lucky to have a nahiely .
by Felix rosado December 29, 2017