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The most beautiful girl you will ever meet. She is smart, funny, and is full of natural beauty. A wonderful girl to date!
Billy: Who is that goddess?
Vick: Oh thats Madigan!!
by hilouis123 August 15, 2015
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The most beautiful girl in the fuckin world. Shes the best person to go to. She always understands you when your down. Basically the best human in the world :)
Person 1: Look its Madigan
by omg_its_kyle December 15, 2017
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Noun- a huge dumb loserface
Adj.- condition pertaining to being angry (mad-again)
1. Chase cannot add 2+2 because he is a swine and a madigan.
2. Chase got bit by a dog and now he is madigan.
by breadmaster February 26, 2007
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The name of a girl in the "TTYL" series. These books include TTYL, TTFN, and l8r g8r. They're all awesome books.

Author: Lauren Myracle

Madigan's name in the book is actually Maddie but her real name is Madigan. She's the perv of the friends and she's really out going and ends up doing pot in one of the books. Haha.
"zoegirl: i gave doug a his first blow job.
mad maddie (Madigan): spit or swallow?
zoegirl: eww maddie!"
l8r g8r (I think)
by thesoso May 11, 2009
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Madigan is beautiful and kind. Her love for animals is unreal. Her blue eyes are like the ocean and her blond hair glistens in the sun. If you ever meet a Madigan, never let her go because if you do, you may not get her back.
Oh my god, it’s Madigan.”
by marianaochoa May 19, 2018
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