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A website you go to to watch people die.
"Dude Syria is in a big war"

"Yeah, I just saw someone's head get blown off on Liveleak, want to see?"
by Nanofrugality February 23, 2014
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YouTube for sadists.
I was playing Reddit 50/50 and I came across a video of a guy's fingers getting chopped off on LiveLeak. I'll never look at my fingers the same way again.
by youngmillenial March 11, 2017
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The one place on the internet you can find both pop culture news opinions of heroin strung out alcoholic traveling circus clowns and watch grainy films of peoples head getting blown off.
Dude did you see that new Liveleak video of a school bus getting run over by a train in mexico?
by Hurrderpderp October 26, 2014
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