YouTube for sadists.
I was playing Reddit 50/50 and I came across a video of a guy's fingers getting chopped off on LiveLeak. I'll never look at my fingers the same way again.
by youngmillenial March 12, 2017
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The one place on the internet you can find both pop culture news opinions of heroin strung out alcoholic traveling circus clowns and watch grainy films of peoples head getting blown off.
Dude did you see that new Liveleak video of a school bus getting run over by a train in mexico?
by Hurrderpderp October 26, 2014
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A video/streaming site mostly associated with disturbing content. (Mainly gore)
"LiveLeak has tons of weird shit... Did you know I found video of a man chopping his dick off and eating it?"
by Have You Seen My Ging’ March 1, 2021
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A website you go to to watch people die.
"Dude Syria is in a big war"

"Yeah, I just saw someone's head get blown off on Liveleak, want to see?"
by Nanofrugality February 23, 2014
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An individual who has viewed so many decapitations, car crashes, freak accidents, and fluffy cat videos on Liveleak they now have a sixth sense danger.
Friend 1: Did you see that random guy vertically filming a building spontaneously collapse?

Friend 2: Must have been a liveleaker.
by lazyrasin March 3, 2016
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Liveleak is a website where is gore the same as Hoodsite. Actually there isn't much gore on liveleak but there is low of them. Tell us a idea and we will know more so there is more info in Hoodsite
Hoodsite Liveleak Gore
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Where you can find all the racism, homophobia and other lunacy seen on YouTube comments, with significantly better grammar.
Liveleak comments will rot the sane portion of your brain, but is easier on the literate's mind.
by udusers1 September 17, 2013
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