"your parentals calmed down yet?"
by lizzy June 8, 2004
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Parents; short plural form of legalese "parental unit".
Can't make it to the party on Sunday, my parentals grounded me.
"I like to whine and hit my parentals, I must be Emo" -- Hollywood Undead, "I Must Be Emo"
by Zwentibold February 28, 2008
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A word incorrectly used among teenagers. It is not a noun and is not a replacement for the word parents. It is an adjective that relates to parents or characteristics of parents; "parental supervision."
(Incorrect context) "So are your parentals letting you out this weekend?"

(Correct context)"I can only go to the party if I have parental supervision"
by alphabetbook December 22, 2005
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A term used to describe parents, after you have committed an act of insolence
"What happend after you showed them your report card"
"Man, the parents went postal and I'm on punishment"
by MissDimplz January 24, 2005
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the name used for some ones parents that are from another country in turn making them orientals . so there for oriental parents

so the term Parentals came about
-oh there is jimmys parents for visiting from japan

-yeah they are his "Parentals"
by sleepsta November 23, 2010
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The people in your life you will most love or most hate in the entire universe. Often a bit of both.
On the phone: "Ughh. I'm sorry I can't come my parents don't allow me to do anything."
Next day:" I love my parents you never know when you may need them."
by an idiot defines... April 28, 2019
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People who raise you and care for you... at least... if they are good ones. And sadly that is not always the case.
Jerry: sup homie
Tom: hey fucko
Bitc- i mean mom: WHAT DID YOU SAY TOM?
Tom: its just an inside joke mom chill!
Jerry: The fuck?
Tom: eh dont worry about it happens all the time

Oh boy its child protective services time!

and thats the story on how the parents of tom went to fucking prison!
by Alexander the Great 412 November 8, 2019
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