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"your parentals calmed down yet?"
by lizzy June 08, 2004
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Parents; short plural form of legalese "parental unit".
Can't make it to the party on Sunday, my parentals grounded me.
"I like to whine and hit my parentals, I must be Emo" -- Hollywood Undead, "I Must Be Emo"
by Zwentibold February 28, 2008
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1. term for parents or gaurdian(often used when parents are overbearing or annoying)

2. jus a common term for parents, usually used for adolesence or young adults ages 14-20

3.(often used with "the" in front og the word. if refering to a single parent, male or female is often identified
1.Guy1:man, the parentals wouldnt leave me alone yesterday
Guy2:my parental(s) need to learn to back off

2.guy 1:the parentals jus stood around al day while i cleaned
Guy 2:Pwned Bitch!!!

3."the parentals"; "the male parental"; the female parental"
by Shmo:That ONe Guy April 30, 2009
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A word incorrectly used among teenagers. It is not a noun and is not a replacement for the word parents. It is an adjective that relates to parents or characteristics of parents; "parental supervision."
(Incorrect context) "So are your parentals letting you out this weekend?"

(Correct context)"I can only go to the party if I have parental supervision"
by alphabetbook December 22, 2005
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the name used for some ones parents that are from another country in turn making them orientals . so there for oriental parents

so the term Parentals came about
-oh there is jimmys parents for visiting from japan

-yeah they are his "Parentals"
by sleepsta November 23, 2010
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A term used to describe parents, after you have committed an act of insolence
"What happend after you showed them your report card"
"Man, the parents went postal and I'm on punishment"
by MissDimplz January 24, 2005
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