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Adjective:(Ri-i-a) the commonly used word to describe a person, place, or thing, like rainbows and unicorns; ex.colorful, joyful, and beautiful. This kind of people tend to be very optimistic, efficient, and willing in anything they do. Often talkative, yet very humorous, and entertaining. Even so, very attractive, beautiful, and intelligent. This kind of place may represent places like Paris, Washington monuments, Disney world, etc.
This place is so riya!!!
Our riya teacher is so awesome.
by 20yo202002 December 17, 2014

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She has the power to annoy her family, and is very proud about it. She is usually the one breaking the dishes and knocking down cups, and talking back to her parents. Although she may be clumsy, she is very intelligent. They usually have the stereotype to be the troublemaker and the least responsible in the family.
My little sister broke my nails!
My little sister stole my attention.
by 20yo202002 December 26, 2014

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