The initial test pee after getting into a swimming pool to see if it contains a urine-indicator dye that turns the pool water blue or cloudy, thus indicating the location/catching people peeing in the pool.
Shortly after getting into my boss's pool, I squeezed out a litmus piss to check to see if that bastard added a chemical to the water. Once I was in the clear, I then diluted out the chloride by pissing all over and slowly swimming away.
by Dr. Stranger Danger December 12, 2015
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A text you send your significant other to find out if they're still pissed at you from the night before or after a fight. The text is usually a short and simple-worded text like "hey" or "hi"
I got in a fight with my girlfriend last night so I sent her a litmus text to see if she was still pissed
by Gooberdoober November 2, 2013
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A small sample of gas expelled, often in a large crowd, in an effort to ensure that a larger flatulence experience can occur thereafter without detection.
Because I had sauerkraut with dinner, I had to fire up a litmus fart at the bar.
by Fart King March 2, 2017
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The act of covertly sniffing a finger that has been inserted into a woman's vagina while making out for the purpose of determining if it is safe to proceed to oral sex.
I was going to munch her box, but I ran a litmus test, and it came back positive for stank, so I just bagged it and tagged it.
by Vinceums November 23, 2003
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When you are unsure whether or not you have an STD, so you fuck a chick and tell her 6 months later that she should get checked out because you may have an STD. You then use her test to see if you have an STD.
Debby was the best litmus pussy ever. She got checked out the day I called her.
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The act of following a questionable male or female to a public restroom to determine his/her actual gender.
"Chris" wore clothes that either sex could wear, had a haircut considered tolerable of both genders, and a voice that's indistinguishable between an angel or a scruffy Southerner. So Joe did the ol' litmus test and followed Chris to the office's bathroom.
by DoctorGrey October 16, 2004
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The act of masturbating before deciding whether or not you will make social contact with a girl. Performing this test lets you make sure you're thinking with the correct head before proceeding to talk-to/meet-with a girl that you would otherwise regret making contact with.
After doing a jerkoff litmus test I realized that more than half of the female contacts in my phone are worthless.
by jerkoff_tester December 3, 2012
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