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4 definitions by DoctorGrey

According to a notorious radio talk show host, "the baggy-eyed Bolshevik."
See also: Dan Rather, "damage to troop morale," People's Bolshevik Station (PBS).
by DoctorGrey October 2, 2004
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Award given for the act of saving a fellow soldier's live while in combat; or "an award given for the act of saving a fellow soldier's live while in 'combat' when that combat enemy is actually a exploding pile of rice seized from the VC in order to mock a future political rival for not having such fallacious achievements from 30 years ago."
John Kerry saved Jim Rassman from a rice pile after placing yet another poorly-placed grenade and was awarded not only a Bronze Star, but a Purple Heart as well for his efforts.
by DoctorGrey September 30, 2004
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The act of following a questionable male or female to a public restroom to determine his/her actual gender.
"Chris" wore clothes that either sex could wear, had a haircut considered tolerable of both genders, and a voice that's indistinguishable between an angel or a scruffy Southerner. So Joe did the ol' litmus test and followed Chris to the office's bathroom.
by DoctorGrey October 16, 2004
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A school with no football team, but exercises that pride with the following t-shirt, i.e.
by DoctorGrey September 25, 2004
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