13 definitions by tom healey

A good way to show that you are a total drama queen twit is to use the term 'literally' to describe every mundane thing that you do in life
'dude.. i literally died'

'oh... its a shame you are literally still alive though'
by tom healey August 29, 2016
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A term mainly employed little urban shits to describe groups of other dickheads. Very cringeworthy to hear this if you arent interested in their way of speaking.
'yo bruv you seen dat man... literally... brap'
'yeh e wiv dat dem mandem innit... '
by tom healey December 17, 2016
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Social media driven 'wank-speak' for when another cretin that is like you says something you agree with.
'like, bro.. did a mad trap tune'

'like, bro.. preach it...youll get loads of likes'
by tom healey September 14, 2016
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The art of looking at your device while someone is trying to communicate with your tech obsessed capitalist ass.

A display of utter cuntishness in the modern age of moronic device driven drones that lack everything unless they are able to get 4g.
'Hello - ..'ive just seen a.......'
' **doesnt speak looks at phone half way through just one sentence ... ***phubbing

'ive just been phubbed... 'what a phubbing prick'... it possibly saved me from a very dull conversation'
by tom healey September 10, 2016
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used by eternally adolescent drama queens to exclaim about anything and everything they see, do or hear
'like i was totes like omg and we at this party and i was like o..m....g.....!!! then she phoned me and said he was banged up for the night and i was like OMG lets have a selfie ..totes this is literally me .. selfie'

passer by..

'kills himself'... like, literally'
by tom healey August 31, 2016
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One of many modern online drama queen terms to describe someone thats removed them selves from you on the net, completely. This type of thing doesnt deserve a name - It used to get by quite well being called 'ignoring' - so its a type of 'softspeak' for those that cant bear the thought that they are irritating and therefore the other person doesnt want to bother.
'like.. omg... he like ghosting me like totally, omg'

'perhaps its because youre a c**t'
by tom healey September 6, 2016
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An overly exaggerated way of saying 'you've done well' - as if to say that the internet is the most valuable thing ever. Used by the same types that say 'bro' - and 'literally' too much
like, duuuude.... you broke the internet with that prank...'
by tom healey August 29, 2016
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