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Actually; in fact; without exaggeration. The single most overused and incorrectly used word in the English language.
"I literally died laughing."
"He just texted me, omg I literally can't."
"I am literally over it."
"This is literally the best peanut butter and jelly sandwich anyone ever made."
"He is literally such a jerk."
"I was literally, like, almost about to cry."

Now, let's look at this word used correctly:
"I know you're lactose intolerant...don't worry, there's literally no dairy in my house."
"Kim Kardashian has done literally nothing to deserve fame or fortune."
"Kanye West literally thinks he is Jesus Christ."
by Deest March 10, 2017
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Basically the opposite of Trumponomics, but with some extra little fun twists. A system where the rich buy the government, money and emails disappear without a trace, and the government takes from the working and gives to the lazy.
Buddy: "Hey Pal, do you like Hillary's economic ideas?"

Pal: "Nah Buddy, Hillonomics will only perpetuate the lazy getting fed off of my paychecks."
by Deest February 06, 2017
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The website/app formerly known as Urban Dictionary. Now saturated and overflowing with Donald Trump references that are neither relevant nor funny.
Guy: "Hey Man have you seen the newest entries of streetwise lingo?"

Man: "Yea Guy, Trump Dictionary is so funny and relevant and full of references I can use in daily conversation!"
by Deest February 23, 2017
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