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Liberalism is a political philosophy-ideology favouring centrist-laissez-faire economics, willing to comprimise a bit. Additionally, liberalism advocates for the invidualist freedoms, including democratic rights. They support a democracy. Liberals are also advocate of separation of church and state, open-disscusion, Social Progressivism and centrism.
Liberalism has it's own radicalized variations, not centristic. One such radicalized variation is Libertarianism. In the US, people confuse liberals with Social democrats, democratic socialists, and anyone not a conservative. Liberals, however, differ from Social democrats in not supporting too many government funded programs, being more to the right. They are, although, willing to make comprimises with them and conservatives.
by Secular leftist October 21, 2005

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A radical is a person subscribing to a political ideology supporting massive, unmeasured, and rapid change. Radicalism is contrasted with conservatism that advocate minimum change, reactionary action advocating counter-change, as well as progressivism advocating moderate/measured change.
A radical would want to chang, for example, a feudal system into a completely capitalist system, or a completely capitalist system into a communist one. Another exaple of radicalism would be a person who wanted to change an Islamic Theocracy into an Atheist state (see en.wikipedia.org/wiki/state_atheism)!
by Secular leftist October 21, 2005

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A Social democrat is a centre-leftist or libertarian leftist, who supports a mixed economy with some government regulation on essential services or government ownership, in order to prevent corperat abuse of these services. Social democrats also support environment regulation, public education to level out the playing field, and social programes to help the less fortunate become better off.
Social democrats include Canada's NDP and many Northern European governments, which contributed to Northern Europe's modern Hight standard of living.
by Secular leftist October 01, 2005

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The NDP is short for the New Democratic Party. It was began after the Canadian Labour Congress and the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation united. This party is a moderate leftist one, comprised of mainly Social democrats, however subscribers to Democratic Socialism also populate this party.
The NDP should change it's name to the Social Democratic Party.
by Secular leftist October 15, 2005

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Progressivism is an philosophy-ideology who believed in measured, moderate progress (change) opposed to conservatism, which advocates for miminamul change.

Social Progressivism:This form of progressivism advocates for the change of some societal morals as new research disconfirms the original morals.

Techno-Progressivism: These progressives support development of modern technologies, sometimes bio-technologies, causing conflict with the ideals of Bioconservatism.
Progressivism is contrasted with conservatism, advocating for minimal change, reactionaries that advocate to change society back to a "golden age", and radicals, who advocate for rapid/unmeasured change.
by Secular leftist October 21, 2005

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Conservatism is a political ideology or philosophy advocating in conserving a certian aspect of the present environment. Originally, this referred to Monarchists who support the French crown in the revolutions. Conservatism can mean many other views:

Social conservatism: Advocating no change of society's morals, even if current evidence confirms it's inaccuracy.

Fisical conservatism: Advocating rigid economic spending in order to conserve the nation's economy, from threats which could cause a collapse.

Tribal conservatism: Advocacy for keeping a hunter-gather lifestyle and against techno-progression.

Bioconservatism: Advocacy against new bio-technologies.

Wikiconservatism: New movement on Wikipedia, applying social conservatism to the encylopedia.

Neoconservatism: This new brand advocates for militant action moreso, in order to conserve the stability of the world. This advocates for economic spending on the military (contrast, Fisical conservatism).
I'm no fan of conservatism!
by Secular leftist October 21, 2005

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Deletionism (noun deletionist) is a Wikipedian Philosophy advocating for deleting unpopular or famous stubs. Deletionists want Wikipedia to be similar to a paper Encyclopaedia. So, Wikipedia would have only a few, very long, articles.
Deletionism is quite irritating. They don't support whether or not the information on Wikipedia is valid, or can be expanded, they take the easy way out. They delete it rather than edit it!
by Secular leftist October 20, 2005

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