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South African slang word for 'cool'.
Hey I just found 100 bucks!
Lekker man...
by Matt C August 30, 2003
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An originally Dutch or Afrikaans (South African) word.
It used to be used only for food, as in tasty.
But now in slang it also means sexy or hot.
Often used to describe an attractive boy or girl.
It might also be used just as a replacement of cool or sweet. In this case, it is often followed by teh word man.
Probalably got adapted into the modern English language because of the South Africans. Who hae more interactions with the British and American that the Netherlands has.
As in tasty: That pizza was pretty damn lekker.
As in sexy/hot: Did you check ou that guy in the shoe store? He is so lekker.
As in cool/sweet: -Guess what? Iw on the first prize! - Lekker man!
by Izzy Miss Murder March 04, 2007
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Lekker is a commonly used word in the Dutch language that is more similar to the word English word luscious than the word tasty. Lekker is used to denote something delicious or sweet, and is more commonly used by the under 30 crowd as a term for a woman having sex appeal. Lekker, like luscious, has a sexual connotation. In South Africa, however, lekker has primarly been used in place of the English terms "cool" or "sweet," with a much more broad, less sexual, undertone.
That girl was so lekker!
by ialsoseeboredpeople May 05, 2008
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(South African English slang. Derived from Afrikaans. Literally, "sweet" or "tasty".)

"lekker" means tasty or pleasurable or very excellent. Originally referred to food, but used widely to describe any excellent or pleasurable thing.
Man, we had a lekker jorl last night.

Translation: Man, we had an extremely pleasurable excursion or night's partying last night.

"Man, the chow in Cape Town is lekker, ek se."

Translation: "Man, the food in Cape Town is extremely delicious, I tell you!"
by david lincoln brooks November 15, 2010
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Sometimes used to describe how good a tune/song/track is.
To show appreciation.
"This tune is lekker!" (Used more in EDM scene)
by lekkerman December 28, 2009
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